Destiny 2 Beta Gameplay Walkthrough, Weapons, Gear and New Subclasses

Welcome to the Destiny 2 Beta Gameplay and Walkthrough of the complete release of it in which we will be bringing you all the new Destiny 2 weapons, Gear, new subclasses. Our Destiny 2 Beta Walkthrough will take you from the beginning until the end of it and bring you along through it and show you all the new weapons and gears that we will be unlocking in it. In the Destiny 2 Beta you will be taking part of the following events:

Homecoming Mission: Respond to an emergency distress call from the last safe city on Earth…

The Inverted Spire Strike – Infiltrate an enemy stronghold alongside two other Guardians to takedown all active threats. Fight alongside your friends, or matchmaking with other players.

Competitive Multiplayer: The Crucible – Countdown – Compete 4v4 matches against other players and plant and defuse the bomb.

As we take you through the Destiny 2 beta we will provide you with any hidden items, tips and tricks to completing the entire beta.

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