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Der Eisendrache Rocket Shield Guide Parts and Locations (Black Ops 3 Zombies) – GamerFuzion

Der Eisendrache Rocket Shield Guide Parts and Locations (Black Ops 3 Zombies)

In this guide will show you how in Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache build the Rocket Shield and find the different locations to all the parts.

Below you will find the tutorial with all the steps that will guide you on how to find all the parts, craft to building the Rocket Shield in Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache zombies map.

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There are 3 parts that you need to find in Der Eisendrache zombies to build the Rocket Shield

  1. First Part is located lower part of the court yard to the right on top of some boxes when you go through the double metal doors or going up the stairs that lead to the Death Ray Machine
  2. Second part can be found in the main court yard outside the church with the big clock. The parts can spawn in 3 different sections of the court yard. Two of the parts can be found next to boxes and the other location is inside the building with the big clock and to the left side of the dead person that is sitting on a chair.
  3. The last part to building the Rocket Shield zombie is located on the lower part of the map, inside where the pyramid is located.
    1. Turn on Gravity mode by stepping on all 4 blue plates that are in each part next to the pillars, you will need to step on each for 5 seconds
    2. After you turn on GRAVITY MODE you will then walk on the wall and go to where one of the door and the last part that looks like a small shield is located above a door
  4. Once you have all the 3 parts that you need to building the Rocket Shield you will head to a buildable table and craft the 3 items and bam you have you r Rocket Shield to protect you against zombies.


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