Defenders of Ardania Achievements Guide (Xbox 360)

Here is the full list of all the achievements that you will need to unlock during the game, follow each achievement below to see what you need to do to acquire each of them. For additional help, try the Defenders of Ardania Walkthrough.

Defenders of Ardania Achievements Guide (Xbox 360)

Straight Flush 10
Build all tower types of one race in one mission. 
Survivor 20
Survive 60 waves on the Survival game mode. 
Vacuum Cleaner Agent 10
Sell 10 towers in a single mission. 
Demolition man 20
Destroy the Minotaur Base. 
Cunning 20
Win a level without towers. 
Librarian 10
Use the unit info 10 times. 
Rookie 10
Finish the first mission. 
Veteran 20
Finish the Campaign. 
Master Economist 20
Use all Economy Upgrades in one mission. 
Lucky! 20
Win 5 multiplayer match in a row. 
Grandmaster 20
Complete all levels in Limited Resource mode. 

Secret Achievements

Secret Achievement 20
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

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