Curve Digital announced that the console version of Dear Esther already has release date. According to the statement of the distributor, the cult classic The Chinese Room will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is not a simple port, as it has new options like the Director’s Commentary mode, where Jessica Curry, Dan Pinchbeck and Rob Briscoe “together for the first time in years” to comment on the game that led to fame. It also will feature “several graphics and gameplay changes” that will make the game that came to PC in 2012 is a great experience on consoles.

According to the press Curve Digital, Dear Esther will cost $9.99 USD in both consoles.

The launch of the Landmark Edition marks the beginning of a month in which seeks to celebrate the existence of the game. As part of this celebration, on September 20 there will be an event in London where developers Dear Esthertalk about the path that led him to be a mod for Half-Life a title for consoles. On the other hand, on October 14, The Barbican give a concert where they will play the game soundtrack accompanied by a live orchestra.

In the year of its debut, Dear Esther was critically acclaimed and well received by the public for being a cool and pleasant narrative experiment. That said, this is a game that is not for all, because in it your only task is to explore a mysterious island to gradually discovering a story.

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