Deadpool Trophies Guide

Deadpool trophies will guide you along the game to what you need to unlock.

deadpool trophies

Deadpool trophies guide will help you in unlocking all the different types of items that you will need to gather during the game as you progress through it. You will be able to collect different items such as treasures or completing missions in the game. Follow along the Deadpool Trophies to complete the game 100% .

TOC: Walkthrough

Deadpool Trohies

Okay, you can sell the game now
Earn all other trophies
The first one’s free!
Get off your well-toned bottom
I’m expecting company
Make a thousand pancakes
The second one is also free…
Be pretty
Makin’ a game!
Playing with Deadpool’s junk
In the lobby comboin’ your dudes
Score a combo higher than 40 before they lock the elevators
49 in 5
Get from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes
The house that bounces
Complete “Job One”
Catch me if you can
Defeat Arclight while taking no damage from her slam attacks
Beer goggles
Use all three switches, defeat the two phasers, and chase after Vertigo within 60 seconds
No Chance in heaven
Complete “Taking a Chance”
Let’s try one more time…
Slap Wolverine a bunch of times
Curious about Cable
Play WTF is Cable
Remarkably quiet
Kill 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza with stealth kills
Caribou’s Shoe
Complete “Genosha”
Fish out of water
Get through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage
Social butterfly
Interact with all the ladies at the Shower Surprise Party room
Silent and deadly
Get a stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister’s Lair without being detected
Lady Deadpool-like
Complete “Landed in Prison”
Officially a Carny
Get a high score at the Carnival
Diggin’ in the crates
Find 11 treasure chests in the darkness of the Tombs
Beat “Death, Baby” while wearing the pirate hat
Complete “Death, Baby”
Spawn more Deadpool-lords
Collect all DP points and ammo in the bathroom
Shoot up the copier in the bridge offices
I can open doors!
Complete the Breach in 10 seconds
JR’s Big Adventure
Complete “The Road to Victory”
Make it across the floating debris without falling
Suck it, Wolverine!
Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!” from start to finish without dying
It’s a trap!
Score a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!”
A Sinister smush
Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!”
I am Deadpool
Complete “Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!” from start to finish using only swords and pistols
No DP? No madness
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty
Know DP? Know madness
Complete the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty
So you’ve got some free time?
Complete “Landed in Prison” without countering any attacks
Shall I? I Shanti!
In “Genosha,” reach the fan girl using only Hammers and Pulse Rifles
Taco Savior
Collect 100 tacos
Purchase all Player Upgrades
Cole’d Blooded
Combo an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map
Pull the grenade, throw the pin
Kill a total of 15 enemies by holding cooked grenades
Drunk on power
Upgrade all weapons to max
Be like Joe

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