Deadlight Review where the dead have risen from their graves to spread like a plague from which no living being can escape.

Run! Run as if life depended on it! Otherwise, you will fall prey to those who so loved in the past, and now have risen from their graves to devour. The living dead have no feelings or do not remember anything about his previous life, just looking on the flesh of the living. How can there be room for hope in this crazy world? What the meaning of life when all you knew is gone? Is it worth fighting? Sometimes, as happens to the protagonist of Deadlight , yes. Check out the video review for more detailed a visuals.

Because despite being alone, lost in a city of Seattle devastated by the plague of the undead, and without the support of friends who have accompanied him up there, the desire to Randall Wayne to find his wife and daughter is very above all else. Even walking death. So help him fulfill his destiny taking you through this tense and exciting two-dimensional platform adventure that at times leave you breathless in a way that did not remember.

The end of the Cold War is closer than ever, but in this alternate world designed by Tequila Works , peace be long in coming. A virulent pandemic has spread around the globe with terrifying speed, no one has been able to find a cure or give great answers to the riddle that has plagued the earth. Why the dead walk among the living?

Background luxury to build an exciting adventure of scrolling has reminded us classics from the likes of Flashback or Oddyssee Abe, thanks to its successful fusion of genres which combines elements of two-dimensional platformers, puzzle games, and even the survival horror . And is that the poor Randall Wayne no longer a mere mortal that bite like you would kill us.

Feeling helpless and defenseless against a terrible threat, which has moved the game brilliantly. Not surprisingly, despite having a couple of guns and an ax with which to shake the living dead, fight is never the best solution. Say even that is not directly a solution to consider. Of course, we head to shoot zombies with a revolver, crushing their brains with an ax or annihilate them with a shotgun but … How many can we stop before we hunted? Noon, Randall has to use his head to avoid direct confrontation against the zombies.

The amount of enemies on screen exceeds, by far, the number of zombies to the Wayne Randall can fight without falling to the ground by physical exhaustion. So, you must use more wit than brute force to survive. In this sense, the platformer aspect prevails over the other gameplay elements, with a series of skill challenges that force us to act quickly to avoid falling into the hands of the living dead, deadly traps and dangerous precipices.

Jump, climb, roll on the ground to minimize damage, run and build momentum to jump further away … the acrobatic actions of Randall remain well in line with what was seen on any other platform game, but all from a more realistic perspective. At this point, we noticed a degree of imprecision in some moments of the game, in which the game can be too fussy. For example, there are times when you can just grab a ledge if we stand still in front of him, something that is not easy when several zombies run towards you and you have to be extremely precise stopping at the exact point at which to jump .

A lesser evil, however, does not mask a brilliant result for everything else. And do not talk about the typical 2D platformer in which you just jump and little else. The world is a death trap Deadlight filled with unimaginable dangers, and that is something you will learn just inside the gloomy streets of Seattle.

A deadly trap that falls on us. A ledge that does not support our weight and suddenly gives way. Dozens of zombies into action at the wrong time …. If anything characterizes this work of Tequila Works is the enormous level of stress that is capable of generating. Because in a post apocalyptic world like this, if something can go wrong will. And suddenly always!

Think and act quickly will be essential to overcome the nearly four to five hours you can take to complete this adventure. A tense journey through the hell that has made the Earth, we are surprised by the variety of situations arising, with truly memorable moments. Certainly, we would have liked to meet with some other more elaborate puzzle, probably the least showy of Deadlight. However, it is undeniable that the present, though rare, are well designed and are quite logical.
In addition, the element survival horror is always present, enhancing the gaming experience in a way that you can not even imagine. Because moving boxes to reach high areas, or explore a scenario in search of the code that gives us access to a door, you can have the same emotion that contemplate a snail race. But if in this context introduce the zombie threat and the danger is you really palpable, you can imagine the result. Greatly improves.

And these living dead, despite the slowness and lack of movement that defines them, have made us uncomfortable significantly. Therefore, we have cried in despair or relief in very specific moments, either to escape “in extremis”, or lock a door just in time that zombies were about to enter. Risk situations that we have been delighted by how well they are integrated into the action, reaching a level of tension delirious in the final leg of the adventure. Some of what we prefer not to talk so you can discover it for yourself.
One must bear in mind that Deadlight is a magnificent adventure with exciting side scrolling stages plataformeo, but very few intelligent puzzles, frenetic action sequences, and even some moments of terror. All topped by a history very much in line of the great classics of the genre zombie, but not surprising. In this sense, the figure of Randall Wayne stands as one of the mainstays of the game for you, even though he would accompany other very interesting characters that get him a great background story to the program.
Visually, Deadlight is also one of the most significant titles of Xbox Live Arcade . The play of light and shadow, the apocalyptic design of Seattle and its surroundings, impeccable staging … Everything has been designed in order to immerse ourselves in a world dominated by death, and I guarantee you that they have succeeded. Moreover, the variety of locationssurprising. What also has connotations playable, with very different challenges depending on the environment by which we move.
The modeling of the characters and their animations also scratched at a good level, but sometimes something sudden movements Randall held that detract somewhat spectacular.However, this becomes less important when you see the zombies agarrarándote a foot to fall unto the ground, or suffer like crazy watching these beings are attached to your back while throwing deadly bites.
Another thing we love is the actual level design , which is well above average. Not only in the visual, which we say is very spectacular, but also with regard to paragraph playable.Mainly, because you can spend time and again the same scenario without feeling exhausted by it, even knowing many of their secrets. Something that says a lot of Tequila Works team, which has caught an almost perfect in this section.
Nor can we forget those little details that make the difference between a job well done and one outstanding. And in this case, Deadlight is left of the latter. In this sense, for example, we love to see on the screen only shows the items that are in view of the protagonist, which means that blocking a door with a large closet prevent us from seeing what lies beyond that area. A detail without a major impact on what playable, but able to increase the tension thanks to the clever use of music and sound effects.
Two elements in conjunction with a cinematic -style comic, make an outstanding audiovisual section with lots of personality. Of course, Deadlight is not without some errors that may force us to restart the game at times. We also believe that the adventure could have been more difficult because we will not have too many problems to complete. And although there are enough hidden objects , it is inevitable to think that the game is somewhat short.
Deadlight is a fantastic action-platform adventure featuring moments of great brilliance, but also a set duration for 1200 Microsoft Points it costs. It is a very entertaining game, fraught with a great atmosphere and a playable section with lots of personality that does not disappoint. One of the leading downloadable releases of the year.

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