Dead Space 3 will not be better on PC

Unlike other cross-platform blockbusters, Dead Space 3 will have no difference between consoles and PC.

It would not be the first or the last case where the PC version of ‘overproduction’ as Dead Space 3 has some improvements , mostly visual, compared to their ‘rivals’ consoles, but the terrifying game of Visceral Games can not be included in this list, as last inclusion highlight was probably Far Cry 3.

dead space 3 PC

Sure their are very few who have not yet tried the demo of Dead Space 3 , but those who have had the opportunity to make your first adventure with Isaac Clarke have noticed a small graphical improvement compared to their previous releases, right? Well, yes, as is, as seen in the PC version, as it has confirmed Visceral Games, is a port of the console game . Obviously, being a computer game, we have the ability to edit the options to match the performance of our team, but it will not support DirectX 11 , so that visual boost offered by popular Microsoft API is out.

This information is attached to the discovery, already confirmed, including small optional microtransactions to purchase the materials and resources to improve and manufacture of new equipment, a movement by Visceral Games and Electronic Arts that did not quite make you much grace (normal, on the other hand).

On the day of release of Dead Space 3 , like the game itself, will be the same on all platforms. The next day, February 8 , in just a couple of weeks, we’ll be able to embark on the adventures most chilling of the current generation. Are you ready?


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