Dead Space 3 The Necromorphs Characters Info

Dead Space 3 The Necromorphs Characters Info

Dead Space 3 The Necromorphs

In Dead Space 3 you will encounter many of the same Necromorphs Isaac Clarke fought against on the Ishimura as well as on the Sprawl. Necromorphs reproduce by reanimating and transforming dead flesh. They act like a virus as they mutate dead bodies into different types of Necromorphs, which in turn kill living beings to create more corpses so they can continue to multiply. Each Necromorph has its own type of attacks and unique vulnerabilities. To survive, you must know how best to defeat each of these terrors.

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This is the first Necromorph you encounter. They appear almost humanlike and often carry axes or other melee weapons that they use to attack. As you shoot them, the body falls apart and three tentacles emerge. Where the tentacles appear depends on where you attack. It is best to shoot off their legs to slow them down. Then the tentacles appear where the legs were while the Waster crawls toward you. However, if you shoot off the head or arms, the legs keep running toward you and the torso falls away as the tentacles appear and continue attacking you.


Slashers are another one of the first Necromorphs you encounter, and you will face them throughout the campaign. They have long, arms like scythes that are razor-sharp and can easily cut through flesh. With weapons such as the plasma cutter, you can dismember them piece by piece. Use the horizontal beam to shoot off both legs. Then sever the arms with vertical beams. This will usually kill the Slasher. However, if it survives dismemberment, stomp on it with your foot to finish the job.


This Necromorph has no legs. Instead, it has a long, slender body that ends in a tail with a stinger. Leapers can crawl up walls and move across ceilings with great speed before they leap toward you to attack. When not jumping, they use their arms to crawl along the ground. They can be tough to hit with your weapons, so slow them down with stasis and then shoot off their arms.


Often you can hear the groans of these Necromorphs long before you see them. Cysts like to attach themselves to floors, walls, and ceilings,usually hiding in shadows where they are difficult to see. Cysts are only activated by movement in their proximity. When the sack opens and the short tentacles come out, it means the Cyst is ready to fire. You have a few options here: If it is on the floor, shoot it from a safe distance, which will trigger the explosive pod.


Pukers are dangerous and should usually be a priority target. The key to killing this Necromorph is keeping your distance. Never stay in one spot, as the Puker has two attacks. The standard puke attack spits acid and will damage you from several feet away. If the Puker is far away, it will target you with a sticky attack that slows your movement. It telegraphs this attack with a big inhale; this has a much longer windup than the standard puke attack. This attack doesn’t do any damage on its own, but in a large battle, the loss of mobility can be a game changer. To defeat the standard attack, use strafing tactics and go for the limbs. Keep your distance as you do this, because the fluid that spurts out as the Puker dies will still hurt you.


Feeders are small, humanoid Necromorphs that charge at you and attack. They almost always attack in groups. They tend to run after you in a straight line, bunching up as they go. If space permits, run away from them for a few seconds to get a string of them following you. Then turn around, and fire a line gun; its line of energy can mow through them like grass. Feeders are sensitive to light. In fact, if you don’t shine the light of your weapon at them by aiming, and stay at a distance, they will leave you alone and continue devouring corpses.


These Necromorphs have long blades at the ends of their arms. They will try to get in close to attack, like a Slasher. While they look large and clumsy, they actually move quite fast. The first rule is to never shoot the sack in the belly. Doing so will release the Swarm, which will make any fight more difficult. Even worse, it won’t kill the Pregnant, which will still crawl after you. Going for the leg shot is tricky, because you might hit the belly. Try hitting the Pregnant with stasis and then take off the blades and the head to kill it.


These tiny Necromorphs will rush at you and try to jump on you to attack. Although they are weak on their own, a group of them crawling around can kill you and will definitely tip the fight in the Necromorphs’ favor during a bigger confrontation. Use weapons that inflict area damage or something with rapid fire; these weapons will let you kill several Swarm once. When dealing with only a few (four or less), it’s sometimes easier to let them jump on you; then quickly mash the action button to get them off, rather than wasting your ammo. Swarm not only attack you directly, they also can crawl into a corpse and infect it, turning it into a Necromorph—usually a Slasher or a Waster. Therefore, try to kill them before they get to the corpse.


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