Dead Island Weapon List

During the game you will be needing weapons to fight the zombies, below is the dead island weapon list that you will be using during the gameplay. A lot of the weapons are upgradable, from having a bat and adding nails to it. Weapons can be updraged by collecting points throughout the game.

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    Baseball Bat
    Baseball Bat of Padding
    Big Baseball Bat
    Cane Knife
    Delicate Baseball Bat
    Delicate Bleeding Baseball Bat
    Diving Knife
    Diving Knife of Havoc
    Exotic Cane
    Fence Plank
    Filmsy Heavy Cleaver
    Filmsy Heavy Double Blade
    Filmsy Heavy Machete
    Filmsy Inferior Heavy Wrench
    Filmsy Inferior Tonfa
    Filmsy Tiring Mace
    Filmsy Burning Tonfa
    Filmsy Feeble Battle Sickle
    Filmsy Feeble Kitchen Knife
    Fragile Machete
    Fragile Fatiguing Universal Axe
    Fragile Heavy Knife
    Fragile Shock Machete
    Fragile Feeble Sledge Hammer
    Fragile Feeble Wooden Baton
    Fragile Standard Machete
    Homemade Cleaver of Breakage
    Homemade Cleaver of Padding
    Frail Leaching Cleaver
    Fragil Leaching Tonfa
    Military Knife
    Powerless Explosive Knife
    Powerless Slicer
    Powerless Knife
    Reliable Cleaver
    Shock Mod
    Shock Machete of Padding
    Shoddy Inferior Wicked Sickle
    Shoddy Inferior Knife
    Shoddy Feeble Stick
    Sugar Cane
    Two Handed Axe
    Torch Mod
    Wicked Knife
    Wooden Baton
    Weak Depleting Wicked Sickle
    Weak Feeble Cleaver
    Weak Feeble Hammer
    Weak Inferior Heavy Baton
    Weak Tiring Big Baseball Bat
    Weak Tiring Brass Knuckles
    Weak Tiring Sickle

Thrown Weapons / Explosives

    Explosive Homemade Knife of Concussion
    Molotov Cocktail
    Sonic Pulse Grenade
    Sticky Bomb Mod
    Gas Canister (Napalm Canister)


    Fragile Auto Rifle
    Inexact Feeble Auto Rifle
    Heckler & Koch USP



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