Dead Island Tape Locations and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

During the game you will need to find all the Dead Island Tape Locations from Roger Howard's Recordings. There are 12 tapes of investigation scattered throughout the entire island and each one is valuable to finding out what really happened at Dead Island. See the video below to find all the tape locations for each act. 



Act 1






Act 2



Act 3



Act 4




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Act 1

Tape 01 Starting the Investigation

Tape 02 Meeting the Informant

Tape 03 Chaos in the Streets


Act 2

Tape 04 Hiding in the Slums

Tape 05 Message for the Family

Tape 06 A City in Ruins

Tape 07 Heading into the Jungle


Act 3

Tape 08 Something Big Coming

Tape 09 The Lab

Tape 10 The Prison


Act 4

Tape 11 Documenting Symptoms

Tape 12 It's Covered in Blood

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