Dead Island Character List

The Dead Island Character during the game are as follow: Some of them you will be using during and is good idea to get to know the characters. Below is a list of all the characters during the game.

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Main Characters

Sam B
Logan Carter
Purna Purna
Xian Mei Xian Mei
John Sinamoi John Sinamoi
Father Father
Survivors Survivors
Daughter Daughter
Mother Mother

Zombies Characters


The slower shambling Zombies are known as Vessels. Other variants of vessels that are known as Thugs and Walkers.

The running class of Zombies are known as the Infected. Their behavior shares likeness to the zombies in Zach Snyder's Dawn of the Dead.
Special Zombies
The Drowner

Appearance: Red eyed, obese Zombie with a shiny mucus membrane surrounding his torso. The Drowner is so congested with watery fluids, he has almost become transparent- revealing the majority of his internal organs. Drowners attack by drenching the uninfected with hazardous vomit.
The Ram

Appearance: A Zombie that can be mistaken to have a towering height when approached. It wears a straight jacket and a Hannibal Lecter styled mask on his face which prevents any biting or striking. The Ram initially charges at you like a ram to attack, the only way he can be defeated is by hitting a weak spot on his back.
The Suicider

Appearance: Riddled with pulsating, oozing sores, begging anyone to help him. Getting too comfortable with the Suicider will result in consequence. If close enough, he will violently explode in an eruption of puss and carnage.
The Butcher

Appearance: With hideously deformed facial features and severed limbs, the Butcher finishes the trifecta with knife-like blades made from sharpened bones that replace his forearms.
The Thug

Appearance: Physically larger than common Zombies, Thugs appear to be tourists that have fallen victim to the zombie virus. They are relatively slow, but powerful. Thugs can knock a player over in a single blow to stun them momentarily. One can determine if they are coming by listening for their loud groans.

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