Dead Effect avaliable on steam as early access

Dead Effect is a survival indie SCI-FI FPS with few RPG elements in which you are an elite member of the Unit 13, the last man standing. Your spaceship, the ESS Meridian, is full of zombies and monsters. Your goal is simple, survive and find out what happened on board. Use lots of variable weapons to clear a path through the zombie swarm.
It’s time to explore new 3D

environments and fight against a flood of life-like zombies with high-res textures.

•       An epic single-player campaign
•       Fast-paced action with intense background music
•       Other challenging game modes that accompany the campaign missions
•       A large variety of weapons, which can be unlocked throughout the campaign
•       A few mini games to challenge the player
•       Full 3D environments, richer than in the mobile version with more rooms open to explore
•       New high-resolution textures with normal maps and an improved metal look
•       New PC features such as real-time shadows, ragdoll physics, and many more
•       Improved particle effects and postprocess

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