Dayz Standalone approaches the one million copies sold

The unfinished version of Dayz Standalone , which is available on Steam Early Access for 20 days, until last Friday amassed 800,000 copies sold, this according to its creator, Dean Hall. If each copy costs $ 30 USD, we talked about Bohemia Interactive and pocketed $ 24 MDD.

“We (Bohemia and I) had ambitious plans for 2014, but the sales volume was totally unexpected.” Said Hall, via Reddit. “Honestly, 250,000 in a fortnight’s what I would have considered a success. So move nearly 800,000 in less than a month is crazy. Finish our plan in mid-January, but it’s safe to say that such a result will have an effect very positive in our plan. ”

Dayz is a mod for ArmA II released in 2009 changing the original theme of war by one of survival, where the player must explore a vast territory plagued zombie title, while forging alliances or protected from other survivors, whose intentions are unknown.

The expected version of which we speak in this note is the individual, which shipped more than 170,000 copies in 24 hours. But we insist, the irony is that we are not yet finished, so is in Early Access, Bohemia Interactive and it detects and corrects errors on the fly.

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