Darksiders 2 Samael Boss Fight Guide

The Darksiders 2 Guide will provide you with the strategy to defeating Samael the Boss.

darksiders 2

To defeat Samael in Darksiders 2 you will need to be on your guard a lot as this boss uses close and away attacks to defeat you. Death needs the Demon key but Samael is not giving it to him easily. One of the main attacks that Samael uses is teleporting before strking death and unleashed deathly combo attacks to bring you down but you will rely on your defense a lot to avoid a lot of damage in the game.

He likes to get close attack and then retrieve to his throne so he can do more deadly attacks in the game, he will try to do this attack 3 times and then at the third time you will move in closer and try to take him down.  One good tip is to time your unstoppable and Aegis guard when samael attacks. For more details on Darksiders 2 and how to defeat Samael, follow the video guide above.


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