Darksiders 2 Boatman Coins Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will help you find all the Boatman Coins Locations.

darksiders 2

The Darksiders 2 Boatman Coins are located through out all the levels of the game, however, the guide below will help you find all the Boatman Coins that you need.  The Boatman Coins are good to purchase loot boxes from vulgrim, purchase respect and many more loot items that you can purchase with these coins. Follow the complete Boatman Coins location below to find all the ones you need.


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1. Tri-Stone – In the Waters as you exit tri-stone heading toward stonefather’s vale

2. Forge Land Stonefather’s vale, behind a tree near the area’s west gate

3. forge lands baneswood, as you enter baneswood from the weeping crag, scale the south cliff and jump off to collect

4. forge lands Baneswood, destroy clutter to discover


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