Darksiders 2 Avatar of Chaos Boss Fight Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will help you defeat Avatar of Chaos Boss during the final fight.

darksiders 2

The Darksiders 2 final boss Avatar of Chaos guide will help you defeat him through the final battle. This is deaths overall toughest opponent in the game and his enemy of life. You will be trying to bring Avatar of Chaos down to his knees three times and do devastating skill combo attacks to defeat him. Follow the video guide above that will show you how to kill avatar and the moves that you need to make along with the defensive strategy that you need to implement.

Some tips to defeating avatar is to keep unstoppable and aegis guard active throughout the battle to gain a decided advantage in the game and become reaper to have a better chance in taking him down. For more details please watch the Darksiders 2 video guide above.


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