Darksiders 2 all Stone Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 will help you find all the Stone (Stonebites) Locations that are through out the game.

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In darksiders 2 there are 3 different criteria for the stones that you will need to locate in the game. The first set of stones are the Mystics, then power and last the resistance. Death has been order by a construct named Blackroot that resided the Fjord and ask him to get him the energy of special stones that are scattered about the realm. Below you can find the full list of all the locations for the darksiders 2 Stones.


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Stones of Mystics

1. located forge lands – overworld – Fjord. Close to black root on the cliff.

2. located forge lands – Overworld – Stonefather’s Vale. On a cliff near the book of the dead page.

3. located forge lands – Overworld – Climb the ruin; stonebite is across from the chest

4. located forge lands – Overword – Baneswood. On the cliff in the north nook between the northwest & northeast ruins

5. located forge lands – Overword – East Trail. On the ruined stone shrine atop the side trail.

6. located forge lands – Overword – East trail. High on the wall by the shine’s statue.

7. located forge lands – Overword – Charred Pass. Heading toward cauldron, take the left trail toward the scar. it’s on a overhead rock.

8. located forge lands – Overword – In the south west ruin. Inside the room to the right treasure chest

Stones of Power

1. Located forge lands overworld – Dive into the well in the marsh area and go the the cave and stone will be on the wall.

2. Located forge lands Overworld – Inside the east and is above the entry door.

3. Lost Temple – Are 12 – This is high on the east wall.

4. Located Weeping Crag – Area 9 – Near some high branches in the final area where Gorewood lurks.

5. Located Lair of the Deposed King Area 1 – This is all the way downstairs, on top of the door where the death tomb is.

6. Located Kingdom of the Dead Overworld – In the room with portals high on the west wall.

Stones of Resistance

1. Located Foundry Area 1 – You need to stand near the north door and hold there and let the hanging cauldrons pass and the stone will be on the 4th cauldron.

2. Located Eternal Throne – is on a support pillar in the lower cargo hold is around a hanging cloth.

3. Located Breach rooftop – on top of the breach’s roof, You need to rotate the lantern statue first to access it.

4. Kingdom of the dead Leviathan’s – Navigate the hoops beneath leviathan’s Gorge’s south valley. The stone is located above the the chest ledge.

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