Darksiders 2 all Soul Arbiters Scrolls Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will help you locate all the soul arbiters scrolls in the game.

darksiders 2

The Darksiders 2 comes with a lo t of collectibles to gather and a new ones. The two Soul Arbiter’s maze is onearly impossible to solve it without the aid of several scrolls which are scattered through out the realms. Some scrolls are collected like items and other are gathered by inspecting bloody scrawls hidden in the certain areas of the realms. When needed help you just


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Soul Arbiter’ss Scrolls

1. Gilded Arena – area 10 east, you need to climb the wall

2. Gilded Arena 12 in the southeast alcove.

3. kingdom of the Dead Overworld – In an interior nook as you exit the south gate.


soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scrolls

1. lair of the deposed king – Area 3 – after you descend the stry staris turn right and scale the wall

2. Lair of the deposed kin – Before approacjing the dep

3. Kindoms of the dead overworld – on the ruins upper volcony

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