Darksiders 2 all Legendary Items Locations Guide

The Darksiders 2 guide will help you with finding all the locations of all the legendary items through the playthrough.

darksiders 2

Follow the  the darksiders 2 guide in which it will take you through all the locations in finding the legendary items in the game. The Legendary items that you can find and which are broken in the following: Scythes, Secondary Weapons, Talismans, Armor. You can find them in the game by either follow the Darksiders Legendary items locations guide below or by going through each chapter of the game. We have made it simple and you can find them in the videos below all the Legendary items locations.

Weapons Part 1 Weapons Part 2
Darksiders 2 - Legendary Weapons
Darksiders 2 - Legendary Weapon Part 2



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