Dark Souls III Titanite Scale Location Strategy Guide

In this guide will help you find the Dark Souls III Titanite Scale Location

Dark Souls III is full of different type of items that you will need to collect to strenghten your warrior and weapons that you may acquire. The Dark Souls III Scale Location will provide you with best strategy guide to finding all the different locations for the Titanite scale item. The Titanite Scale helps with reinforcing soul transposed weapons to +4 and any weapon that is forged by souls transposition can be  reinforced by titanite of the same kind.

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Dark Souls III Titanite Scale Location

  • 1x Dropped by giant crystal lizard at Cemetery of Ash
  • 2x Dropped by a giant crystal lizard in the back of the same walkway with the Farron Keep Perimiter bonfire in it.
  • 1x Dropped by normal crystal lizard in a hallway in Irithyll Dungeon.
  • 2x Dropped by mimic chest in Irithyll Dungeon.
  • 1x Loot in Smoldering Lake, in the catacomb maze under the lake in the room with the basilisks.
  • 1x Loot in the Grand Archives, on a body at the top of a staircase in the back left from the room with the 3 Candlestick Wizards
  • 3x Bought from Greirat if he returns alive from his second expedition (can also be bought from shrine maiden if you give her his ashes)
  • 1x Looted from a chest in Lothric castle after the Duo Dragons, guarded by a Irithyll knight.
  • 3x Looted from mimic chest in Lothric castle (From going right after the duo dragons and just heading up) and 1x from the room next to it.
  • 3x dropped by the Wyvern past the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum in Archdragon Peak.

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