Dark Souls 3 Untended Graves Secret Area Location

In this guide will show you the Dark Souls Untended Graves Secret are location

As you advance to where you will go to the Firelink Shrine, which is located after you defeat the first mini boss that is on the stairs. Once you get to the Firelink Shrine there will be a bomb fire in the middle of the circular room like the one you see in the image below. Use the Bomb fire to fast travel and you will be at the Oceiros boss room. You will need to defeat the Oceiros, the consumed king boss. Once you get to the room you will travel fast all the way across and avoid the enemy that is by the door and the secret area is behind the chest. When you get to the wall that is in front of the chest you will use your melee to hit the wall and it will disappear and you can walk through it and then down the cave. Once you get to the next bomb fire you will unlock the Untended Graves secret location.

TOC: Undead Bone Shard LocationsRings LocationsUntended Graves Secret Area | Estus Flask Shard Locations

dark souls 3 firelink shrine

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