Dark Souls 3 all Rings Locations Guide – Master of Rings

Dark Souls 3 all Rings Locations Guide will help you find them all in the game.

In this guide will show you all the sections for Dark Souls 3 Rings Locations that are through out the entire game. There are 107 rings that you will need to collect in the game to unlock the Master of Rings Achievement and Trophy in the game. In the gameplay you will fin +2 and +1 rings which can spawn in different sections of the game. There are also some rare +3 rings that you will find in the game and when you are a higher up in the game. Follow our complete Dark Souls 3 Rings Locations guide to help you unlock the Master of Rings achievement and trophy in the game and all the spots where these rings may spawn from.

TOC: Undead Bone Shard LocationsRings LocationsUntended Graves Secret Area | Estus Flask Shard Locations

Dark Souls 3 Ring Locations

Ring Name Ring Powers Ring Locations
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Fallen foes yield +11% more souls

+1 Version (NG+): +??%

+2 Version (NG++): +??%

In a chest behind an illusory wall at the top of Firelink Shrine

+1 Version (NG+): can be found in the elevator near the first bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon

+2 Version (NG++): Can be found top of the building right after the fire demon fight (with siegward). you have to drop down from the roof to get it.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Increases item discovery +50

+1 Version (NG+): +??

+2 Version (NG++): +??

Found at Siegward of Catarina caught in Irithyll Dungeon

+1 version (NG+): On the way to Irithyll Dungeon, up the ladder in the dark building filled with ghosts

+2 Version (NG++): Archdragon Peak, after defeating Nameless King it’s below the boss room

Silver Cat Ring Removes fall damage. Given by Sirris of the Sunless Realms after helping her defeat Creighton in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
Chloranthy Ring Raises stamina recovery speed +??%

+1 Version (NG+): +??%

+2 Version (NG++): +??%

Found in Undead Settlement, in a tower after defeating the demon with Siegward. After defeating the fire demon, ascent the left house up to the roof. From there, find the ledge facing the stone tower beneath. Jump off the ledge and enter the tower. The ring will be located at it´s ground floor within some wooden crates.+1 Version (NG+) Below the pedestal with the Ring of the Sun’s First Born.

+2 Version (NG++) From the Road of Sacrifice bonfire, head past the wagon and to the left of the crow mage there’s a ledge that you can drop down to that has the ring.

Hunter’s Ring Increases Dexterity by ?? points Found at the tower with the three golden guards before the stairs tot king lothric
Knight’s Ring Increases Strength by 5 points Near the Sunlight Altar in Lothric Castle
Scholar Ring Increase Intelligence by ?? points Grand Archives – Get to the wooded bridge in the middle of the room
where the crystal sage/mage mini boss ends up after attacking it, and on the side where you drop down onto the bridge there is a lever beside it where the brige starts that open’s a shotcut + Ring.
Priestess Ring Increases Faith by ?? points Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in the dark Firelink Shrine
Dropped by the Shrine Handmaid in the dark Firelink shrine, even if you’ve already purchased it from her
Obscuring Ring Harder to be detected by enemies Rank 1 reward: Rosaria’s Fingers
Skull Ring Easier to be detected by enemies Dropped from Ludleth of Courland when killed. (Alternatively, at the end of the game, you can go to his chair, and pick it up, before starting NG+)
Calamity Ring Increases the damage that you take in +??% Using the ‘Path of the Dragon’ gesture in front of a shrine with two stone statues in front of it, in the Archdragon Peak, near the second bonfire
Dark Clutch Ring Increases dark attack +??%

Decreases dark damage absorption -??%

 Dropped by a mimic in the Profaned Capital. After passing the giant there is a hallway with rats. The mimic is at the end of the hallway on the left side.
Fire Clutch Ring Increases fire attack +15%

Decreases fire damage absorption -??%

On a corpse in the Undead Settlement. Near the ?? bonfire where you rescue the Pyromancer
Lightning Clutch Ring Increases lightning attack +??%

Decreases lightning damage absorption -??%

On a corpse in Archdragon Peak, to the left of the gate that leads to the Ancient Wyvern.
Magic Clutch Ring Increases magic attack +??%

Decreases magic damage absorption -??%

Can be found in Irythyl of the Boreal Valley. From the 3rd bonfire, go back the way you came from. In the semi circular hall, there is a illusory wall to the right. The ring is behind it
Speckled Stoneplate Ring Increases magic, fire, lightning and dark resistance by 4 Found on a corpse in Smouldering Lake, behind a destructible wall on the other side from which you enter.

+1 Version (NG+) In the arena where you find the first Big Crystal Lizard, in the starting area.

Dark Stoneplate Ring Increases Dark Resistance by 10 points

+1 Version: +??

+2 Version: +??

In Anor Londo, near the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. Just to the left out the door, underneath all the Deacons flinging fire

+1 Version (NG+) : Lothric Castle, near the big white wyvern

+2 Version (NG++): Road of Sacrifices, the Farron Keep bonfire. It’s the bonfire closest to the door with the three flames. the ring is behind the mini tower of flames you interact with to activate the fire for the door.

Flame Stoneplate Ring Increases fire resistance by 10

+1 Version: +??%

+2 Version: +??%

Found at a corpse hanging at a tree near the entrance of the tower with the giant in it at Undead Settlement

+1 Version (NG+): Located in the Profaned Capital. The ring is below on a ledge where you fight the npc that drops the Logan’s Scroll.

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the Demon Ruins. Behind a hidden wall where the Black Knight with axe is found. Right beside the Black Knight sword

Thunder Stoneplate Ring Increases Lightning Resistance by 10 points

+1 Version: +?? points

Archdragon Peak: From the second bonfire, proceed through the area until you get outside, then near the wooden scaffold there is a ladder which leads to the ring

+1 Version (NG+) Can be found place where is lots of pots in Catacombs of Carthus

+2 Version (NG++) – Can be found before the Dragonslayer Armour Boss in Lothric Castle. Beside the Red Tearstone ring there is a hole by the railing. Drop down to the ledge and turn right. Follow the ledge to find this ring

Magic Stoneplate Ring Increases Magic Resistance by 10 points

+1 Version: +?? points

+2 Version: +?? points

Dropped from the second Greatsword-weilding knight guarding Oceiros, the Consumed King

+1 Version (NG+): Poisonous Swamp, first bonfire before the swamp. From that bonfire, make a right and proceed to where the Basilisks are. The ring will be in this area.

+2 Version (NG++): Found in the Profaned Capital. Climb down the ladder towards the dungeon. There is a hole on the wall. Drop down, turn right, and go down the stairs. The ring is on the left of the stairs.

Fleshbite Ring Raises Poison, Bleed, Frost and Curse resist by ??

+1 Version (NG+): +??

+1 Version (NG+): Located in the High Wall of Lothric. From the second bonfire, head down towards the roof to the first crystal lizard in the game. To the left of the ladder, there is a roof you have to jump onto to get this ring
Poisonbite Ring Increases Poison Resistance by ??

+1 Version (NG+): +??

+1 Version (NG+): Undead Settlement
Bloodbite Ring Increases Bleed Resistance by ??%

+1 Version (NG+): +??

Undead Settlement in the sewers after the second bonfire, dropped by one of the rats

+1 Version (NG+): The secret area you access by cutting the bridge in the Catacombs of Carthus, near the arrow shooting Basilisk

Cursebite Ring Increases Curse Resistance by ??%

+1 Version (NG+): +??


+1 Version (NG+): ??

Horsehoof Ring Boosts kick effect Sold by Unbreakable Patches after ?? (also drops on death)
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Extends length of spell effect by ??

+1 Version (NG+): +??

+2 Version (NG++): +??

Farron Keep

+1 Version (NG+): Road of Sacrifices

+2 Version (NG++): Located in Lothric Castle. Before the Lothric Prince Boss fight, there is a tower with three winged mini smoughs. Go up the spiral stairs. There will be a ladder, instead go around the ledge to find this ring on a corpse hidden in an alcove.

Young Dragon Ring Boosts Sorceries (excluding buffs) by +15% Starting equipment for the Sorcerer

Given by Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing several spells.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Greatly boosts Sorceries (excluding ??) by +??% From the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, head straight into the large room and then turn right, proceed until the end of the corridor and open the gate with a key. The ring is on the rocks below
Great Swamp Ring Boosts Pyromancies (excluding ??) by +15% Starting equipment for the Pyromancer
Witch’s Ring Greatly boosts Pyromancies (excluding ??) by +??% Catacombs of Carthus after destroying the rope bridge and climbing down the far end of the broken bridge and continue to the left of the bonfire, the ring is on a corpse at the end of the hall
Lloyd’s Sword Ring Boosts Attacks by 9.4% when HP is full (over 99%) On a corpse inside Cathedral of the Deep, near the entrance on a ledge next to the Giant who attacks you when running by.
Lloyd’s Shield Ring Boosts Damage Absorption by ??% when HP is full (over 99%) Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid, after paladin’s ashes are found.
Farron Ring Reduces skill FP consumption Acquired by talking to Hawkwood after defeating the Abyss Watchers
Deep Ring Allow attunement of additional spells Drops from a Deacon in a tower outside the Cathedral of the Deep.
Aldrich’s Sapphire Recovers FP from critical attacks On a corpse inside the Cathedral of the Deep. In an empty room with a corpse and a huge Spider-like enemy.
Untrue White Ring Take the apperance of a phantom Yuria Of Londor
placeholder.jpgLife Ring Increases HP by 7%.

+1: ??

+2: ??

+3: ??

Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine (1000) / Starting gift

+1 Version (NG+): Located in the Undead Settlement. Right before you take on the fire demon with Siegward, he is sitting on a ledge. Behind him, hidden away is this ring

+2 Version (NG++): Lothric Castle

+3 Version (NG+++): In Dark Firelink Shrine behind big trone at the top

Blue Tearstone Ring Increases damage absorption in +??% when HP is below ??% Given by Greirat of the Undead Settlement
placeholder.jpgRed Tearstone Ring Increases attack in +??% when HP is below ??% Found in Lothric Castle. Facing away from the Dragonslayer Armour Boss, to the left there is an elevator. Beside the elevator is a door to the balcony. Follow the balcony to the right to find this ring
Flynn’s Ring Lowering equip load increases attack power. Undead Settlement on roof after two Women Pryomancers
placeholder.jpgDragonscale Ring Backstab damage reduced Found in the Consumed King’s garden. When taking the elevator up that acts as a shortcut, get off halfway to a ledge with a priest type enemy. Beside him is this ring.
Ring of SacrificeRing of Sacrifice Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, but the ring itself breaks. High Wall of Lothric: On an awning you must jump onto. In the courtyard area where you fight the large halberd knight near the fountain.
3 of them can be bought from Yuria of Londor, for 3000 each.
saints_ring-icon.pngSaint’s Ring Allows attunement of additional spells. Sold by Irina of Carim for 300 souls
placeholder.jpgUntrue Dark Ring Retain human appearance while hollow Purchased from Yuria of Londor
sage_ring-icon.pngSage Ring Shortens spell casting time by ??

+1 Version: ??

+2 Version: ??

Found in the swamp area of Road of Sacrifices.

+1 Version (NG+): found in the rafters above the Archives. Drop down from the roof where the fat winged knights are located.

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the Consumed King’s garden. When initially taking the elevator down, get off halfway to a ledge. Turn left, drop down onto some stairs, and then turn left again to find this ring on another set of broken stairs.

placeholder.jpgEstus Ring Increases HP restored with Estus Flask Firelink Shrine (Tower)
Morne’s Ring Boosts Miracles Under the bridge between the 1st and 2nd bonfires of Road of Sacrifices
Pontiff’s Left Eye Restores HP with successive attacks Soul Transposition using Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt
Pontiff’s Right Eye Boosts attacks, as long attacking persists. Located in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. The giant crocodile/dragon enemy you face the first time. Defeating this enemy rewards you this ring
Carthus Milkring Slightly boosts dexterity and obscures the wearer while rolling. Found within the Catacombs of Carthus just after the first bonfire in a room with many vases.
Carthus Bloodring Boosts rolling invincibility, at the cost of defense. Found at Catacombs of Carthus.
Hornet Ring Increases Critical Damage Found just outside of the True Firelink Shrine
Hawk Ring Extends the range of arrows Found/Dropped from the Archer Giant
Leo Ring Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks. Found in a chest on the second floor of the room with Gwynevere’s painting in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
Havel’s Ring Increases maximum equip load by 15%

+1 Version: +??%

+2 Version: +??%

Created with the Soul of a Stray Demon

+1 Version (NG+): Archdragon Peak

+2 Version (NG++): By the Darkmoon Covenant, drop down into the rafters to find it

Ring of the Evil Eye Absorb HP from each defeated foe.

+1 Version: +??

+2 Version: +??

Quest Reward: Anri of Astora

+1 Version (NG+): Can be found just before Deacons of the Deep fight, at the back of the altar.

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the High Wall of Lothric. From the second bonfire, head down to the roof with the first crystal lizard and the enemy that morphs. Climb the ladder down. Run past the spear wielding Lothric knight. Head down into the room with the estus shard on the mantle. To the left of the shard is this ring hidden beside a bookshelf.

Ring of the Sun’s First Born Greatly boosts miracles. Near the Yorshka’s Church bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (in the area with all the Pontiff Knights).
Knight Slayer’s Ring Enemies lose more stamina when guarding attacks. Gained from killing Black Iron Tarkus. After the basilisks, turn left at the bottom of the stairs.
Wood Grain Ring Slows equipment degradation by ??

+1 Version: ??

+2 Version: ??

Purchased from the Shrine Handmaid after ???  ash is turned in.

+1 Version (NG+): Behind the elevator in the poison swamp

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Run past the room with the three Black knights (room that contains Gwynevere’s painting and Smough’s hammer in a chest), go outside, turn right and the ring is located in an alcove

Ring of Favor Increases max HP, stamina, and equip load by ??

+1 Version: +??

+2 Version: +??

 Defeat the guard dogs near Archdeacon McDonnell

+1 Version (NG+): Can be found after Pontiff Sulyvahn in the same room but on the second floor.

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the Cathedral of the Deep. From the Cleansing chapel bonfire, go through the left shortcut, head up the elevator, climb the ladder behind the tower, drop down to the ledge, and follow the path to the top part of the chapel. To the left there is a hollow with a giant axe. behind him is this ring.

Dusk Crown Ring Reduces consumption of FP, but also lowers HP
Aldrich’s Ruby Recovers HP from critical attacks Kill one of the beasts in Anor Londo, in the room before the boss door.
Ashen Estus Ring Increases FP restored with Ashen Estus Flask Located in the Untended Graves. From the first bonfire head to the left most path. You will find several vampire type enemies guarding this ring
Prisoner’s Chain Increases VGR (5), END(5), and VIT(5), but take more damage Soul Transposition using Soul of Champion Gundyr
Wolf Ring Increases poise by ??

+1 Version: +??

+2 Version: +??

 Rank 2 covenant reward for the Watchdogs of Farron covenant, or alternatively you can find this ring in a chest beside the chest containing smough’s hammer in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

+1 Version (NG+) can be found near the second bonfire in Farron Keep.

+2 Version (NG++): Can be found in area after Iudex Gundar boss fight

Sun Princess Ring Gradually restores HP (2 per second) Found in Gwynevere’s chamber after Aldrich’s boss room
Reversal Ring Causes males to perform female actions, and vice-versa. Found in the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo to the right of the altar.
Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring Masks the sound of its wearer. Given by Orbeck of Vinheim after you have given him every Scroll and purchased all his Sorceries.
Ring of Steel Protection Increases physical defense by ??

+1 Version: +??

+2 Version: +??

In the boss arena where you fight the dragon, to the right. There is a small ledge on the right side of the platform that you can walk along and pick it up.

+1 Version (NG+): Untended Graves behind the tower that is unlocked by the Tower Key

+2 Version (NG++): Located in the Catacombs of Carthus. At the very beginning when you are crossing the bridge guarded by the murakumo welding skeleton, you will notice an item to the left on a pillar. Drop down from the bridge to the pillar to obtain this ring

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