Dark Souls 3 How to Get to Archdragon Peak Statue

In this Dark Souls 3 guide will help you on how to get to the Archdragon Peak Statue.

To get to the Dark Souls 3 Archdragon Peak Statue you will need to defeat Osiris the consume king and you will start from its bomb fire and head down and you will reach to where there is a gesture. You need this gesture so you have to equip it for later on when you will use it. After you get the gesture you go back to the Osiris bomb fire.

Next Step after you spawn from the bomb fire you will go across the bridge and you can either kill any enemy or avoid them as you go through them and reach the elevator that take you all the way down into the prison. As you step from the elevator you will head out and you will see a dragon and others that are meditating. You will meditate along with them by using the same gesture that you pricked up at the beginning of this guide.

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