Dark Souls 3 How to Defeat Soul of Cinder Boss Strategy

In this guide will provide you with strategy on Dark Souls 3 how to defeat Soul of Cinder Boss.

Soul of Cinder is the final boss in Dark Souls 3 that you will phase and is not an easy boss to defeat. You will need to make sure you have the right equipment, weapons, sorcery, spells and much more. To defeating Soul of Cinder boss you will need to be focus and learn his different type of mechanics that he dishes out when you face him off.

There are two phases in which Soul of Cinder fights against you, in this two phases you will need to know his weaknesses and strengths, when you can hit him, stay back and move around to stay alive against his high impact blows.

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Dark Souls 3 How to Defeat Soul of Cinder Phase 1 Strategy

In this phase one Soul of Cinder will dish out different attacks against you and you will need to know their sequence so you know how its mechanics are:

  1. Sword attack with swings and thrusts
  2. Uses crystal souls spear of any sorceires
  3. use the Pyromancy power with fireball
  4. attacks with miracles and he heals

Dark Souls 3 How to Defeat Souls of Cinder Phase 2 Strategy

  1. Attack will be more aggressive towards you and will lash out 5 hits combos that can caught you off guard if you are not ready to cover up with your shield.
  2. He will grave you if you are too close to him and trow you up in the air
  3. Use spear attacks and special attacks
  4. Try to fight him off for a distance when he does sunlight spear attacks

Overall see all Soul of cinder different mechanics in the game are a key to learn and master a perfect attack against him at the right time. Time when is best to do more that one sword hit attack against him as you can get caught in the middle of it.


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