Dark Souls 3 Coal Locations

In this guide will help you find all the Dark Souls 3 Coal Locations in the game

In Dark Souls 3 there are 4 types of coal that you will need to find in the game to infuse them into a key item that you will be using in the game. All the infusion coals are key items that you will need to find in the game to be able to progress and take them to the blacksmith who will then unlock an infusion type that you can use. As you see the guide below will help yo find all the four coals locations to be able to infuse them.

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Dark Souls 3 Coal Locations Steps

Dark Souls 3 Farron’s Coal
This Farron’s Coal is located in the area of Road of Sacrifices and is the bonfire that is halfway fortress. You will head out from the bonfire and you will go down tree small cliff where you wil jump from. Head straight ahead until you see a door in which you go through and make a left where you will meet a enemy knight that you will do your special move to skip him and go straight until you see a glowing spark which is the Farron’s Coal.

Dark Souls 3 Sage’s Coal
The Sage’s Coal is located in the Road of Sacrifices and by the Bonfire Farron’s Keep. You will spawn and head out adjacent to the left side and go across where you you will end up by a small shack and inside of it

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