Dark Souls 2 Key Locations Guide

Dark Souls 2 Key Locations Guide will help you find all the different one that are in the game.

Dark Souls 2 Key locations are in different places throughout the entire game and each of them will provide you access in which opens a door or a new area to explore. You can only have one key of each and can only be found in one section of the game. Follow along and see below all the locations for all the Dark Souls 2 Key Locations.

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DS2 Key Locations

Lenigrast’s Key
Location: Merchant Hag Melentia
Effect of the Key: allows you to open Blacksmith Lenigrast’s Shop in Majula

House Key
Location: Cartographer Cale
Effect of the Key: Opens the abandoned house in Mjula

Soldier Key
Location: The Last Giant
Effect of the Key: Opens Soldier’s door in the Forest of Giants

Bastille Key
Location: The Lost Bastille
Effect of the Key: Opens cells of the lost bastille

Undead Lockaway key
Location: Huntsman’s Copse
Effect of the Key: Opens the stone lockaway in Huntsman Copse

Iron Key Brightstone Key

Forgotten Key

Key to King’s Passage

Antiquated Key

Fang Key

Tseldora Den key

Aldia key

Ladder Miniature

Dull Ember

Rotunda Lockstone

Rotunda Lockstone

Ashen Mist Heart

Giant’s Kinship

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