Dark Souls 2 Inventory and Equipment Guide

Dark Souls 2 Inventory and Equipment Guide will help you on what are the main and best items to have or own.

Dark Souls 2 Inventory and Equipment guide will help you on how to best understand them in the game and how to manage the different types of inventory in the game. Below find the different items that you can maximize in the game.

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Equip Load

In the Equip Load this will provide you with how much weight you can handle in the game.  Which will determine how quick or slow your character moves and is up to you which is the one you choose to go with, either you go light or heavy. Also there are 4 ways to improve you quip ratio:

  1. Heavy armor vs light armor
  2. Use lighter weapons and shields
  3. To increase your vitality to raise your equip load
  4. Small pieces of equipment

Here are some of the Equipment that make your load max:

  1. Royal Soldier’s ring
  2. Frist Dragon Rose
  3. Second Dragon Ring
  4. Third dragon ring
  5. Helm of Aurous
  6. Armor of a Aurous
  7. Gauntlet of Aurous
  8. Leggings of Aurous
  9. Penal Mask
  10. Velsatadt Helm

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