Dark Souls 2 Human Effigy Locations Guide

Dark Souls 2 Human Effigy Locations Guide will help you find all in the entire game.

In Dark Souls 2 Human Effigy are throughout the different sections of the game and in each of the maps that you will go to. Follow below on the different sections of each of the map where you can find all the Human Effigy.

Consumable Humanity is not anymore in Dark Souls 2 and now we have new human effigy system. Now the way it work is when you die the hollowing process begins to affect you which cause your maximum HP to lower each time with each death. As you use Human Effigy your help will be restore completely.

TOC: WalkthroughLeveling UpDying and healing, Human Effigy Locations, Achievements, Trophies

Things Betwixt – Located in Things Betwixt Firekeepers’s Hut Map

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