Dark Souls 2 Heides Tower of Flame Items and Boss Locations Guide

Dark Souls 2 Heides Tower of Flame Items Locations will guide you in finding all in the chapter.

In Dark Souls 2 Heides Tower of Flame Items locations are throughout the different sections of the game and in each of the maps that you will go through. Here you will search in Heides Tower of Flame and Cathedral of blue. Follow below on the different sections of each of the map where you can find all the Heides Tower of Flame Items.

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Sublime Bone Dust

Divine blessing

Crimson Parma

Ring of Binding

Old Leo Ring

Heide Knight Iron mask

Tower Shield

Old Knight Halberd

Knight Armor Set


Enemy in Heides Tower of Flame

Standard Enemies:

Old Knight – Sword and Shield

Old Knight – Greatsword

Old Knight – Heavy Mace

Boss Locations:


Old Dragonslayer


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