Dark Souls 2 Combat Mode Strategy Guide

Dark Souls 2 Combat Mode and Strategy Guide will provide you with basics and advance moves to get you started in the game.

See below our Dark Souls 2 Combat Mode guide in which it will help you on the new mechanism for the game, such as when fighting against your opponent, how to best use and increase endurance or stamina in the game. Blocking your opponents attacks and using special moves to help you get around the game.

Dark Souls 2 Combat Mode Strategy Guide will help you on using the different type of combat modes in the game when going against the enemy and to make sure you can have the best strategy in the game. Just like in the original game you will be able to stay alive as much as you can but below are some great tips that you can use to help you move through the game easier. The guide will help you to get started in basic attacks and as we bring more will keep adding to it.

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Lock -On

Lock -On is a feature which the camera focuses on a target allow the player to easily direct your attacks and other skills. This makes it more difficult for the purpose of obtaining access to the back of the coat and forces the player to face the enemy . Moving through the lens also becomes easier .


Stamina consumption has increased to Dark Soul 2 . While before using one-handed weapons could allow seven changes in what appears to be a character of high strength, Dark Souls 2 so far seems to allow only three to five oscillations , on average, depending on the weapon . Because this time of the attacks and rolls will probably be much more important than in the previous title. Rolling, and blocking looks not require as much strength unless trying to block with more than a shield. Also, now costs stamina to cast magic and pyromania .

Dual Wield

In Dark Souls 2 looks like two arms allow special animations weapons. According to the words of some who played at E3 , two weapons is very focused on rolling for defense. According to them blocking and stopping with offhand weapons was not an option. With the standard attack button (R1 or RB) starts a combo in which the first character swings his sword in his right hand , then left . Holding triangle is coupled to a ” power position ” in which the character swings both swords at once.

Combos / Animations

In Dark Souls 2 seems to fluidly attacks come one after another , while what appears to be three standard animations per weapon. It is possible one is simply a R2/RT attack. Regardless combos speak very possible as shown in the game trailer .


Poise has made a return . It seems that most enemies have shown that the balance of a blow will break when it is shown that some are unable to stagger the player on the first hit on the armor worn. While it may function similarly to Dark Souls so you should not assume poise break point will be the same . Poise itself is a statistic that is based on his armor and denotes whether the player character get staggered to get hit or not. This allows one to take blows without being stunned for a second, allowing a variety of tactics to use depending on the situation. It is especially useful against enemies with quick attacks that can stunlock the player, or player versus player .


Blocking is the act of using a shield or a weapon to reduce or negate the damage that would otherwise be taken completely. It is holding the weapon or shield in the direction of the attack coming at the player. Some shields and weapons locked higher percentages of damage and also reduce various types of damage. For example , a shield may have a high resistance to magic, but physical low. Blocking an attack also claimed the strength of the user, depending on the shield or weapon used the amount of energy consumed will be different. For example the weapons will be used to more strength to block an attack instead of shields. Blocking is more difficult to trust each situation in Dark Souls 2 because of how aggressive enemies can be , they often hit so fast and so hard that resistance will not grow fast enough to allow more lock . When the player runs out of energy as his shield is hit for a shield block went away . During this time they will take more damage, but the player can also riposted when his shield falls away.


Parrying is the act of using a secondary weapon or shield to beat down a blow away in the opposite direction , riposting is the act of using this opening to get a critical strike . In Dark Souls 2 seems to stop an enemy that will fall to the ground in a sitting position for a short time . The animation has a stop wind longer than Dark Souls . Riposting seems to imply the use of an attack on the player sitting down doing significant damage.


Backstab will make a return , but it will work different from the original stab of dark souls . In the previous game , the stab functioned as a “grab” , which hit the enemy traitor , which resulted in an animation with two characters. The stabbing animation is now a single attack for each class of weapon that can only be initiated when standing behind the attack. The victim is still free to move from the animation, but when hit , will go on their own entertainment , which will keep the victim in the scope of the animation.Also stab, there seems to be different distances depending on the weapon , which can be stab .



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