Cyberpunk 2077 Overpowered Samurai Build Patch 1.6 – HIGH DPS DAMAGE

I’m going to be showing you guys the best Cyberpunk 2077 Overpowered samurai build, which we are going to be focusing on a couple of things. One, we’re going to be dealing a tremendously high amount of damage. We’re going to be stealthy like a samurai. The great thing about it is that we’re also going to be rewarded for being stealthy and we are going to be one-shotting just about anyone.

We’re going to regenerate our health by killing everything that gets in our way, and we’re also going to be regenerating our cool down and stamina really fast.

We’re going to be taking advantage of a couple of things. So hoping to take advantage of this. Our attribute points are going to be the following. We’re going to focus on body reflexes and also our cool.

But I’m going to be providing you guys with something here in the technical ability. Just to give you an option in case you guys are not fully leveled up on blades. So let’s take a look at body athletics. And we are going to be using the following perks that you guys see here highlighted in yellow. The main focus here is the following, guys.

This you see this one here? This The Tenacious Five getting hit does not interrupt our health regeneration. So the main thing is that we’re always going to be regenerating our health at any time that we are dealing damage and then at the same time, when we are not dealing damage and to make that happen, we got to use the following perks that I’m showing you guys here.

The invincibility increases our max health. This one increases our melee damage by 20%. Another one with our increase is our stamina. This one is going to help slowly regenerate during combat. This one here increases carrying capacity because we need to make sure that we are going to be able to carry what we have and then the information increases our health regeneration trace whole from 3475 and then combat in 100% out of combat.

So you see, we’re always going to be getting our health and it’s going to be very hard for you guys to die. This one increases the max stamina by 30%, and increases the health regeneration activity 60% faster during combat. And since we are samurai with our katana, we’re always going to be dealing damage at all times. This one is going to increase our regeneration 25% faster on your mouth and our health in this one sprinting does not drain our stamina.

So as you see all those perks are going to be helping us stay in the game. And now to make this even more fun, we’re going to go under reflexes, blades, level 18, and we’re going to use the following perks. This one increases damage of blades by 100%. This one increases damage with blades by 3%. Every 1% of the health.

Shifting sand, dodging while wielding a blade recovers 25% of our stamina. This one here steam like our boom, increases stack of speed with blades by 30%. Combos with blades have 30% chance to apply bleeding and then increases great chance with blades by 10%. Blast blade and to be able to take more advantage of bleed. Guys, we’re going to be using blood loss while wielding a blade recovers 4% of help when hitting an enemy affected by bleeding unbroken spirit and also the death bolt while wielding a blade, defeating an enemy, restore 20% of our health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5%.

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