Crysis 3 Impressions

our Crysis 3 Impressions has Prophet returns to New York ruined and does so with vengeance. We enfundamos Nanosuit again and we enter fully into the heart of the conflict, seeing for the first time a glimpse of what will be a game designed to highlight the visual top of this generation. Electronic Arts and Crytek return to the fray with Crysis , seeking to continue the growth of the same from the original game. The move to multi-platform sequel perhaps did little to advance the technological side of the impressive first half but turned into a lucrative business that catapulted sales of the FPS to figures over three million, a respectable figure that puts the Nanosuit series in a comfortable "upper-middle class" in the hypercompetitive market for FPS. Following the instructions of this generation, which recommends iterate, iterate and iterate over-year consolidated franchise if possible, the third party has not done a lot of begging and begins its initial promotion ahead of a launch planned for Spring and of 2013 . The plot revolves around the return of Prophet to New York in 2047, embarked on a personal vendetta against those responsible for the corrupt Cell Corporation and their plans for world domination. Besides the threat of a mega-corporation power-hungry, humanity is also threatened by alien invasion of the Ceph , who will be present at full capacity in this third installment, thus generating a new three-sided conflict between the protagonist and two powerful factions, each with its own agenda. Apparently, there will be opportunity to discover what happened between games and the effects of alien invasion in the rest of the land, so the situation can be known beyond the Big Apple. 

But the scenario has changed significantly compared to that seen above. What remains of the city is enclosed in a sphere of nanotechnology llamadada " Liberty Dome , "which among other things allows radical environmental manipulations in the environment. In this oppressive environment, nanotechnology has been used to reproduce unnaturally different environments and situations, in what will be the perfect excuse to present the scenario Crytek with the necessary variety and prevent players of the second part feel a deja vu with this new release. As has been detailed conditions will be radically different biozones, from jungles that have invaded New York's ruins to desert, two ideas that will certainly be supplemented with other-frozen or volcanic landscapes, there are multiple possibilities. The idea is to create an environment that surprised by the contrast-and, I must say, take the power of the CryEngine to create different environmental situations in great detail. The biozones within the Liberty Dome are not only important as scenarios, but also respond to a team's need to redesign the structure of the game. The second Crysis was criticized in some quarters for losing much of the sandbox approach that made ​​the first a FPS as original. For this third installment has opted to try something different and recovering some of the original essences, giving more freedom to move freely and explore the area without breaking the game so dramatically in episodes that force linearity in the development of adventure. You can decrise Crysis 3 will be a mixture of first and second set, in structure and environment. Of course, have their history and narrative progression, which this time will be led by a new writer, Steven Hall , but it will guide the design to be more open and allowed to move at will, plus it is open to missions and secondary objectives. Speaking of history, we only know that Prophet has been locked for some time by Crynet , and confirmation of the return of Psycho , so there is enough to know.

During our visit to EA Showcase 2012 in London were able to chat with Rasmus Hojengaard , game director, who showed us a demo of 15 minutes running on PC and can see and sample what they will offer. The demo begins in flooded subway escalators, showing off some impressive lighting effects that filtered through the holes in the ceiling and reflected on the puddles on our way. Going up the street, we see our first glimpse of this New York in ruins, taken in part by Ceph, which are now present on a large scale, with large ships and strange beasts under his control. One detail that we know is that Ceph and Cell Corporation's henchmen will not be the only factions available, but that letter was saved for later study. The sensations are all large-scale conflict and chaos that will surely provide many opportunities for spectacular battle scenes and a New York devastated beyond recognition. These first few minutes let us see some of the benefits of the engine and give us a first sample how the scenario is revolutionary enough to forget any kind of similarity seen in the second half. Leaving the subway you can see the real chaos around us, with the streets flooded with water, the ruins of buildings covered with vegetation and a landscape dotted with heavy shadows of the trees and fruit plants present, casting their shadows on the ground and all surfaces thanks to the clear evening light. The effects of water are extremely convincing and the visual composition of the whole scenario is technically and creatively brilliant, turning our desire to know more of where we are and see how we can explore. The intention is to draw CryTek full potential of the consoles on hand to bring them to their highest levels, but without forgetting the PC and give support to players of instruments to use their equipment, for example, Crysis will offer many more choices on things like AA, in Crysis 2 were too limited, which should greatly help to achieve high image quality.

Our short walk between shots just at night, while being absorbed by a monumental storm whose lightning ripped the night and create a heightened sense of tension. After a little stroll among lush vegetation debris and reach our goal, a power plant in which we meet face to face with an alien that is upon us only see each other, thus completing the proof. From Crytek recognize that the game does not offer many destructible elements as the first game but the game is to get more technically advance of this dying generation and therefore of history, putting everything on the grill until the last trick to ensure that the graphics impress and impact from the start. The director also told us about some of the biozones and that is going to try to strike a balance between horizontal and vertical action, ensuring that the stage is complete, varied, and believable story, alternating between linear areas other fully open. No sense of passage. One element that is being used so insistent during this initial promotion of the project is the use of arc , which appears prominently on the cover even preliminary. Looking for some originality and taste of its own, have been equipped with a bow Prophet especially with many possibilities that will be one of the main weapons of the protagonist. The gun has been designed following the principles and materials Nanosuit, so that its power and capabilities far exceed those of any conventional bow. It is capable of managing high technology interfaces with new skills. In addition, there will be a good variety of special arrows in addition to standard, so surely there will be shells, chasers and other variations. Perhaps he wants to emphasize the idea that the protagonist is alone in hostile territory, a real poacher in the middle of the urban jungle that has to have powerful weapons but stealthy to avoid attracting too much attention. The impact of the arch is riveted by a predictable killcam , allowing us to enjoy slow motion of the trajectory of our date to your goal, something to behold and one of the highlights of the demo, which start the applause of attendees.

But the bow, although the protagonist, not far from the only weapon available. It will incorporate elements much less subtle in the form of turrets capable of firing automatically, or even the possibility of using the strange alien weapons , so that the array will be greater and more varied, with many possibilities depending on the style of play, guns bullet lase r, continuous jet machine guns , etc.. That is consistent with the presence of a larger and more heterogeneous army of enemies, among which is to include more elite units, soldiers with distinctive skills and the use of powerful flamethrower can burn the stage epic battles with bosses, or surprise encounters that do not have to be quite hostile. Small touches like the flawless animation Prophet glimpsed about how weapons and take charge, suggests that Crytek has a good direction on how to get a third of spectacular. There was also time to learn more about new skills Nanosuit , which apparently has been improved over the years. The ability that attracted the most attention is that of hack , that will make an enemy or some rival turret directly to our advantage and make triggers our adversaries, the kind of tactical skill that begins to prevail in the fantastic and cutting FPS which adds a welcome variety in front of the mere use of arms. The usual powers of the Nanosuit as camouflage or improved armor back, but have made ​​some adjustments and re-separate power of speed , a change of Crysis 2 which apparently did not quite convince the designers of the third. The second slow motion have resurfaced, a film that also trick us out of extreme situations. Yet to see the full range of skills and weapons available, but the premise seems to be clearly "more and better." In this first demo have not focused on showing arsenal, but rather lead to the overwhelming Liberty Dome.

With the date already set, have a year to learn more about a project that already has advanced to not be the end of the saga – Crysis on the new generation? for granted. The first had to make hard work of converting from an exclusive development of PC to another platform, which certainly had its cost in time and effort. But that base already established and knowing the tradition of technical excellence of the German team, there is reason to hope that achieve established to build on and get something that surprised even in this period of decline of existing systems that may offer a sense that are no longer able to teach us anything new in the purely graphic. The return to a more sandbox and open levels, the greater variety of weapons and rivals and even the possibility of the bow, do you have enough new features to not think about going to err on the continuity versus the second half. The atmosphere also seems to be radically different. It's a great opportunity to see how it can evolve their Crytek FPS formula, and also check if you really can explore new technical limits on the HD consoles while leveraging more and better opportunities for a growing number of PCs and are theoretically in a new generation for the performance of their CPUs and GPUs. It may be a tall order, but apparently suggests that Crytek will try at least.

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