Crysis 3 Datapads Locations Guide

Crysis 3 Datapads Locations guide will help you gather all in the game.

Crysis 3 Datapads

Crysis 3 Datapads Locations will guide you through the entire playthrough of the game and provide you with all of them. Follow the video guide below and also in written to help you collect all the Datapads that are located in the game. From the first mission to the last one you will be able to find all the different locations in the game. Once you gather all of them you will be have a portion completed for the cell intel locations. Will provide you with all the tips and tricks to locating them as there are 41 datapads that you need to collect in all the missions put together.

TOC: Walkthrough, Review, Cell Intel Locations, Datapads Locations

See Crysis 3 Datapads Locations video guide below:

Crysis 3 Datapads – Mission one

datapad Location 1
After starting for the first time the participation enemies you have to clean the route and open the door to Psycho. Near the door is the control room, where the next collection. Enter and find your first datapad in the top of the control panel.

datapad Location 2
In the hallway that gives the arc Psycho is also another collection. It is near the stairs at the top of some machines.

Datapad Location 3
Once you start participating arch enemies. Eventually come to a room where he awaits Psycho, once all the enemies are dead, move on. Before doing so, however, takes the that are below the computer console on the right.

datapad Location4
Now going to go out again and there will be a door you need to hack to move on. You will find other data pad in this room.

datapad Location5
Then follow Psycho down a flight of stairs and finally a team that starts working in Psycho. The data pad is at the top of the computer.

datapad Location6
A little later, come to a room with a giant structures that resemble the reactors. Go to the corridor to the right of the room and go to another room where there will be a box of ammunition. Near the ammunition is also another .

datapad Location7
You should then make your way to the map room where two chairs and a computer terminal between them. The computer terminal is the Datapad of the latest data from the mission.

DataPad Video Guide

Part 1

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