Company of Heroes 2 demo coming

SEGA and Relic Entertainment announce the arrival of Company of Heroes 2 demo, it’s next great strategy title.

 Company of Heroes 2 demo

You can go to start preparing yourselves military training in one of the most dangerous campaigns of many we find in the Second World War , because from now available demo version of Company of Heroes 2 , the title of RTS exclusive PC of Relic Entertainment , real experts on gender, and SEGA , the new owner of the franchise.


After passing through an intensive closed beta and having made ​​the leap to the open beta for the multiplayer mode, the demo finally arrives that we can play a whole mission single-player campaign from Company of Heroes 2. No more, to confront others ‘human’ Artificial Intelligence is our new enemy.


This mission, in particular called land bridge towards Leningrad , and will take us to a frozen river, the river Neva. We can not throw us for a moment because we will be under heavy German fire. Also, although it is a mission for the demo, anyone who has an account for the beta will see, in the game menu, is enabled campaign section so they can try their luck with the AI in this goal.


What do you think about the single player mode? Also check out our company of heroes 2 closed beta impression.

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