COD Infinite Warfare First Trailer “Know Your Enemy”

Take a look below the first Call of Duty Infinite Warfare First Trailer named “Know  Your Enemy” in which we are being threaten by an outside menace who wants to conquer our world and what could happen next will know at a later time. Below are the quotes from the threatening force:

  • “We are the Settlement Defense Front. You answer to us.”
  • “Our blood boils, and so too shall your oceans.”
  • “Our destruction will be final. You will watch as the walls around you crumble.”
  • “You will know loss, and you will be left with nothing. We are in power now.”
  • “We are your enemy. We are the Settlement Defense Front.”
  • “What can you do to prevent what’s coming? Nothing.”
  • “Your future is obsolete. We will pour destruction like molten lava.”
  • “Your bones will shake. Your monuments will fall. Your world will be left in ruins.”

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