COD Advanced Warfare ALL Intel Locations Guide

COD Advanced Warfare All Intel Locations Guide

Our Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Intel Locations guide will take you through the entire campaign in the game and provide you with all 45 Intel locations in it. Some of the sections are tricky and might take some time to complete. The Intels reveal something about the story or help the story along the way. The other feature of collecting the intels is that it help improve or upgrade your Exo Suit abilities in the game and are part of the challenges that you need to complete in each mission. There are 3 intel locations or Laptops to be collected in each mission of the game, which unlocks audio logs which you can listen to.  Once you collect all the Intel Locations in the game you will be able to unlock the Ferrum Absconsum achievement or trophy.  After each mission you complete  you will be able to use the points you gather from the intel to level up your Exo Suit. For all your Call of Duty Advanced Warfare needs see the links below:

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements & Trophies | Exo Zombies | How to Upgrade Exo Suit | Intel Locations | Exo Survival Walkthrough

Induction Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – On a second floor on a table after you enter the building and you deal with the first wave of enemies. Move forward to the second floor where the restaurant is on the right side.

Intel Location #2 – Is located  as you exit the bar and go up the stairs at the back of the rear of the room on the floor.

Intel Location #3 – Is Located in a small room inside the canal behind the waterfall you can find the Intel on top of a table

Atlus Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – After you get off the vehicle, don’t follow Gideon, instead turn around and move tower the small building and it will be inside on top of the table that is in the right side.

Intel Location #2 – As you follow Gideon, before you go inside the elevator you will see a gun rack where you will find the intel ontop of a cabinet

Intel Location #3 -The last of the 3 intels is located in the second room to the left side before breaching into the room with the president. You will find the intel ontop of the Vanity.

Traffic Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – Before you breach the City Hall you will head through the left door and enter the office ahead and you will see the intel on top of desk next to copies.

Intel Location #2 – First you will need to defeat the enemies around the courtyard and then you will go up the stairs to your left and you will see the intel on  the floor. If you see a big umbrella you have gone beyond the point.

Intel Location #3 – After you take out enemies in the open area where a big umbrella and a truck that is opening fire, the intel is located behind part  of the truck around the corner.

Fission Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – The lntel is in a small room inside the basement of the reactor building and go around behind the desk.

Intel Location #2 – The Intel is indie the turbine room and you will find in on top of some equipment

Intel Location #3 – The last Intel in on top of a spool as you are exiting the control room.

Aftermath Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – After falling in the school basement and take care of enemies you will move to the far wall, take a left and there is the Intel

Intel Location #2 – As you exited the school, and after you regroup with Gideon you will see a trailer, search it on the far end.

Intel Location #3 – As you are in the hospital  take out the enemy in the hospital around the nurse’s station and enter the room and you will see the Intel on the cabinet.

Manhunt Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – The Intel is on a wooden table on the a balcony after taking over the KVA

Intel Location #2 – As you go up the stairs up inside the bedroom above the dolphin restaurant

Intel Location #3 – A you leave the restaurant, move around the van and go inside the store, the Intel is on the counter.

Utopia Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – Before you follow Gideon Search the reception desk

Intel Location #2 – As you left old town see around the blue sign on the left side of the street. Enter building, intel is on the coffee table

Intel Location #3 – As you clear out the guard on the rooftop, approach the nearest corner o f the tower.  Bust the glass that is inside a building on the left.

Sentinel Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – Inside the Security building, is on the left desk

Intel Location #2 – Before you search the database with Cormack, the intels in on the counter to the left of the desk.

Intel Location #3 – The Intel is as soon as you exit the vehicle, before you grapple up to the top shelf search for the Intel.

Crash Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – You will find it in a pile of crates, the first intel is next tho them

Intel Location #2 – After falling underground tunnel, eliminate the enemies ahead and jump over to the right edge

Intel Location #3 – After your assisted getting out of the water, run to the far side of the crashed plane and gather intel in the crash plane.

Bio Lab Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – As you begin the mission, the intel will be inside the shack

Intel Location #2 – As you get to the open area, move rigth  and enter the main compound lab on the rigth side. Intel is on the cabinet

Intel Location #3 – As you decend into the main room, break on e of the window of the fabrication room, and to the right intel will be on desk.

Collapse Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – After crashing the pitbull, run downl the middle of the bridge and sport the SUV with the open doors.  Intel is in one of the passenger seats

Intel Location #2 – After the traffic  sign that spans across the road, head to the small red maintenance room on the right side of bridge and use boost jump to get to the billboard sign.

Intel Location #3 – Intel is on a trailer on the pedestrian sidewalk almost by the helicopter.

Armada Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – As you joined your crew, move around to the right to the console by the window. Intel on the right side

Intel Location #2 – After the hangar fight, go to the first right doorway. Enter the first room on the right to find the second Intel

Intel Location #3 – As you reached the bridge, grab the intel of the strategy table.

Throttle Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – Before following the squad through the building, head to the end of the boardwalk. intel is on the bench, before the atlas wall

Intel Location #2 – As you took out the 3 MD Turrets, head to the lowest level and to the left, intel is on the table between tall buildings

Intel Location #3 –  The Intel is  on the left side of the street and you will see it on a bench.

Capture Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – As you get your exo suit,  head to the second floor, see network access room and step inside to collect intel

Intel Location #2 – Force youself into  the glass autopsy room and gather intel

Intel Location #3 – After you crashed warbird, get the intel before you enter AST

Terminus Intel Locations

Intel Location #1 – As you fought the enemy soldier, enter maintenance bay 2, intel is on the table

Intel Location #2 – Intel is inside server control after going down to the 7th floor.

Intel Location #3 – As you enter the vehicle access area, move to the security station which the intel is on the left side.


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