Civilization V Brave New World Review

It’s here, just a sigh separates us from the launch of Civilization V Brave New World, the latest expansion of the great fifth installment in the saga of strategy and domination most successful of all time.

And so, after the progress we made few dates ago, where we saw the strengths of this expansion, now we have nothing but endorse how they got these promising characteristics to the final version of this expansion, and if you really are attractive enough like to invite fans of the series to be with her.

The first thing to say is that we can now control new factions and civilizations, as I like to call them, which are added to those we had in Civilization V Original. These new nations are led by Morocco. In addition to this quintessential trading nation, we can get hold of the reins of civilizations Polish, Assyrian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Zulu, Indonesian, Venetian, Shoshone, French and Arabic.

With this compendium of civilizations is not difficult to find some that fits our ideology or simple personal tastes. Clearly, each of these civilizations has its strong, and depending on this distinguishing feature, we from the beginning more or less easily to make one kind or another of actions during the game, whether points of defense, attack, easier create prominent intellectuals, more libertarian political systems, etc..

The political doctrine is more important than ever

One of the great innovations to play this expansion Civilization V Changing the world is the weight that a political doctrine in the development of our civilization. While we worry that our people will generate the necessary resources for our expansion, in the form of troops, workers, settlers and others, this expansion we will be asking every few turns the doctrine to be followed by our people.

These doctrines are presented to us in the form of tradition, more focused on less developed civilizations, more libertarian and close to the French Revolution, others based on honor, with war as their main way of being, others based on sponsorship, commercial and even close to Marxist regimes.

Civilization V Brave New World

But that’s not all, exploring the tree of each of these doctrines, we can develop them differently, and nonlinear, depending on the path we choose doctrines tree, one of them, you can go mutating in different shades ranging to affect positively or negatively in the happiness and motivation of our people.

So not only can choose a doctrine of freedom for our civilization, but also get to apply nuances such as the doctrine of freedom, choose either the formula republic, or citizenship, each of these options will lead separate ways. It also serves as an example that we can choose the path of devotion doctrine of organized religion or discipline in the doctrine of honor, more focused on enacting a society based on military values.

Another major developments in the political aspect is the inclusion of the World Congress, which appears in the most advanced games in the modern age, and where we can expand our influence over other civilizations through discussion of different measures to be taken together , as would the united nations, which have a direct influence on our citizens.

Trade expands in new ways

Now in the section on research and development of new tools for growth for our civilization, we find other alternatives, which are heavily influenced by the use civilization. One of the highlights is the trade caravan, allowing us to open up commercial corridors with other civilizations and so bring our economies in pursuit of common prosperity and wealth.

Civilization V Brave New World-2

In Civilization V changes the world foster these trade routes that have good diplomatic relations with our partners, which at some point will bring us apart from wealth, a great influence on his movements and can take advantage of it as we want, for good, offering protection , or worse, taking their friendship to us with their power and wealth.

Anyway, you know, it is much better to maintain good relationships based on our influences on other civilizations, they get into wars which greatly hinder our economy and adaptability of our civilization.

The intangible culture as a means of wealth

As we move a few weeks ago, one of the great innovations of this expansion is the possibility that our civilization bet on culture as never been before in the series of Civilization V . The guys at Firaxis have wanted to give this court a marked expansion of culture, offering the possibility that our civilization is now able to create great cultural talents.

As we have seen, the advantage that gives our civilization culture over others is extraordinary, as well as cultural wealth brings great influence on other civilizations who are deleitadas with art and culture that come from our land. All cultural richness we believe will be an intangible able to change the perception that other civilizations have of us.

Civilization V Brave New World-3

Culture also generate large flows of visitors to our civilization, greatly enhance tourism in our region and this wealth to our state report. The characters that can be born in our civilization if we pamper While cultural section will be linked to gender as influential as writing and music.

The way this culture will be reflected in physical form will be through museums, large libraries or opera houses, authentic symbols for a culturally advanced civilization.  Obviously for our civilization can create enough culture and art, our ideology as state must be based on patronage, so we have the ability to more quickly create buildings and characters related to the world of culture.

Also while we played Civilization V changes the world , we have seen as the archaeological remains are of great interest to our civilization.

These remains are able to give us all great riches and cultural attraction that promotes tourism towards our lands and domains. THE tourism will be helped with new buildings present in this expansion, such as Broadway, the Mecca of the show or the Uffizi Gallery among many others.

New scenarios

This aspect is all very similar to the original delivery of Civilization V, with the possibility of installing mods created by active community following the franchise. The additions of new scenarios come in handy when we’ve squeezed everything factions that make Civilization V changes the world

Civilization V Brave New World-4

These scenarios take us to the American Civil War, where we can choose to control Unionist or Confederate troops, another is the conquest and plundering of Africa by European states, where we have to compete with other European powers to obtain the largest possible territory and wealth, compared to our European competitors, and finally, the rise of the Mongols, which take the role to the very Genghis Khan in his desire to create the largest known ancient empire.


No major changes from Civilization V , if we must recognize that in the absence of a few days to its release, the game behaves fine, without any bugs or unexpected failures that can weigh down the game experience. With a computer rather humble, this expansion has unfolded with distinction in the graphics and sound, with an agility that is just perfect for the gameplay of Civilization V Change the world .


If items of Civilization V and were the original marathon, now we can keep doing the same with new civilizations that together with the inclusion of political doctrines system, the emerging importance of culture in different civilizations, and the inclusion of important trade routes make this expansion a success to bring new elements of fun for even the most demanding players franchise.

Civilization V Brave New World-5

Many will say that we have not found anything wrong with this new expansion of Civilization V , is that the first overcome stability problems which he displayed, there are few things that you can blame, in case the repetitive and monotonous soundtrack enjoying that after ten minutes silence invites us not to lose his temper. Another point against them are the eternal load times of each of the campaigns, which are quite heavy to bear.

From the base of Civilization V Changing the world is an outstanding game by itself, overcome the stability and compatibility bugs that weighed its release, I must say that this new expansion is further round out the extraordinary experience of playing Civilization V , bringing it a little closer to perfection than Sid Meiers been looking for quite a few decades.

Definitely a recommended expansion for its long life and everything he brings back to the series, with new forms and ways of governing our civilizations.

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