Child of Eden Walkthrough Strategy Guide (Xbox 360 Kinect , PS3)

In this shooter game created by ubisoft you will be needing to use kinect if you have one available.  The Child of Eden Walkthrough will guide you through all the level of this shooter game and provide you with tip and tricks to complete your gameplay.

Practically this game is about eden but in futuristic term now the internet, this portal has been corrupted by a virus and your job is hunt the virus and complete it destroy it so that everything can be normal and joyfull in eden.  The game is one of many to come for the Kinect enabled but you can see the child of eden walkthrough below and we will bring you a list of achievements, trophies, cheats, tips and tricks to completing your gameplay. Please don't forget to comment, rate and share with others.

Child of Eden Walkthrough Part 1      
Child of Eden Walkthrough Part 1 (XBOX 360, PS3)      


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