Characters progression in Destiny

Although a long time to get our hands on Bungie we want frothing and have given us more information about how the characters evolve in the game remains. A different progression system we are used to in other games such as Call of Duty . 

“We want to get a balanced upgrade experience for both the team and the skills. Giving players the ability to commit to their decisions and thus distinguished from each other.” According to Green , they are implementing a system that will allow us to choose other weapons or skills in case we had been chosen a class that does not quite convince us, but the difference is that we will not have to re-create a character from scratch as in other games.

Upgraded category
All characters will be able to upgrade your weapons, armor and focus depending on the extent used. Therefore, if you are using a particular armor or weapon focus and gain experience, it will level. 

Describing the Focus
could describe the focus as a set of skills that define how you will play your character. Make certain passive activities that change the way you play, the super attacks or abilities of Granada. It is a function without a specific name because it covers too many areas at once.

Bonus Distribution
Everything you do has its rewards (xp) unless you have a XP bonus, since it is possible that some piece of your armor give you XP Plus your weapon, as it is also likely that you have some expendable or active benefit in any of the levels. But in general, are trying to keep a very simple mechanics, says Tyson .

Configuring Weapons
can have more than one weapon configured differently. For example, you can have a great sniper rifle for multiplayer because it has damage modifier explosion and precision, but also may have one that is best for the cooperative campaign. Both may be the same base weapon but be configured differently.

Focus Titan
is focused on the fighting at close range , getting into fights and use melee attacks bow to take out enemies. The focus of this special attack will allow us to crush a whole area around and also can project the attack to make it a long range.

Hunter Focus
is centered on the ability of the Ghost Gun , a gun that allows us to leave a couple of shots knocked the opponent due to thermal damage of the shots. A devastating weapon handy for multiplayer. It is oriented to take an offensive mode and a control area.

Warlock Focus
On the one hand, we have the night cycle , which would be based on the Nova pump and allow us to make long-range damage. And secondly, would the sun witch that constitute the ability glow , the what, give us benefits us and the people around, could be described as the ability to support teamwork oriented. In addition, this ability we can revive allies fallen.

After these new details about the game we just have to wait until September 9, the date that will be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One


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