Car Crash Site, Hard Drive, and Waterways Dead Drop Location in

In the following guide, we will show you where to locate the car crash site to pick up the hard drive and the waterway dead drop.

Crash Site:

Located just south of the Zaya Observatory (E6 on the map) on a path on the side of the cliff, you’ll come across the crash site, and right by the car you’ll find the hard drive resting on the ground.

Pick up the drive and make your way to the exfil nearby.

Waterways Dead Drop:

For this part, you’ll need to acquire the hard drive from the crash site once more but instead of exfiling, you need to make your way to the Waterways.

Once here, stick close the the wall and you’ll eventually come across the Dead Drop.

Drop the drive into it, completing this step, and finish the Break Check challenge.


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