Capcom will reveal information about Street Fighter V in 2016 EVO

EVO 2016 is approaching, and now Capcom revealed that, in addition to carrying Street Fighter V to competition, will also make some announcements regarding title fights.

That is, fans of Street Fighter V must be careful, because Capcom will hold the Street Fighter World panel on Friday July 15, where they will share all kinds of information about the game and will reveal new details.

In addition, Capcom’s agenda includes details about the updates that get Street Fighter V , a discussion on the Capcom Pro Tour, question and answer session and more. ” We hope to be there in person and can not wait to speak with you directly about our future plans for Street Fighter V , ” said the study.

Probably in 2016 EVO know some new fighter that will integrate Street Fighter V in the future. Similarly, it is almost certain that there will be information on upcoming game updates.

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