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Call of Duty Warzone Review - Everything You Need to Know before You Jump in – GamerFuzion

Call of Duty Warzone Review – Everything You Need to Know before You Jump in

If you are excited about Call of Duty Warzone then take a look at our Call of Duty Warzone Review in which we touch basic items that you will be excited for in the game mod and will get the hype just becomes greater.

There were so many leaks going in for Call of Duty Warzone and “YES” the Leaks were right and here are the main things why you should be looking forward to the new battle royale in call of duty warzone. Warzone is a huge and open map full of hundredths or even thousand builds and structures that you will be felling like Warzone is something fresh and new that it has been worked on with many details.

Warzone was build from the ground up and you will be able to play the following modes: Solos, Two and Three in this huge map that will hold 150 players in total and could possibly in the future it would hold 200. You will be able to bring back your teammates and you would be able to fight your way back through the gulag. If you want to know more and with all the details then take a look at the above video from LaserBolt that breakdowns Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale mode. Stay tuned for more on Warzone and so many easter eggs and hidden items that LaserBolt will be bringing to you.

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