Hey Fellow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fans we wanted to give you guys our take on the new map pack avialable called "Resurgence". Let's get started with the number one question everyone is asking. Is it worth the price? There's no doubt that the Resurgence Map Pack is way better than the Stimulus Pack in terms of overall quality, but to be quite honest I think its still too pricey. Out of the whole five maps the two that stand out are Trailer Park and Carnival they both are very fun maps, but paying fifteen bucks for two cool maps seems ridiculous to me. Regardless, you'll be able to buy the new set of maps right now if you're on Xbox Live. PlayStation 3 and PC users will have to wait a while longer for more COD goodness as Activision hasn't announced a release date just yet. Rest assured, we'll have the details as soon as possible.  What do you think aobut the Maps let us know with a comment below. Don't forget to check the new hiding and glitching spots.


We also like people to hear what other call of duty fans think about the maps to check out the video reviews bellow.

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