Call of Duty Ghosts Best Custom Class TDM, FFA, KC, Cranked MP Guide

The Call of Duty Ghosts Best Custom Class for TDM, FFA, KC, Cranked will provide you the best opportunity to take on your opponent.

Call of Duty Ghosts Class mode

Our Call of Duty Ghosts Best Custom Class for rushing will help you set up your own so you can be successful  at the different competition that you go against.

The COD Ghosts Class templates for the various modes will help you on different maps to take on the competition and like perk build the custom classes for the different type of styles and will provide you with the different combination s of equipment, weapons, perks, killstreak to have the best chance you can be survive the longest in the multiplayer mode for different game modes.

Any custom class that we give you can be apply to your own style and be tweaked by you. We give you this best custom class to help you get started. Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer matches game modes can be used for any match: Such as Deathmatch, search and destroy, grinding wars, domination and many more.

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In this custom class mode try to keep engagement ranges to medium distance and use more of your perks to take you competition out. Tips to do in use your under-barrel shotgun or quick swap to your pistols when entering different environments with close range. With multiple rapid engagement use sleight of hand and marathon or agility.

Weapons: AR, Akimbo Pistols or Underbarrel SG

Perks: Quick Draw Stalker Focus / Sleigh of Hand or Agility  or Marathon

Assault Pakcage: Guard Dog, Trinity Rocket, Battle Hind

Support Package: Satcom, Weapons Crate, Ballistic Vests

Specialist Package: Off the Grid, Scavenger, Incgo

Specialist Bonus: Deadeye, ICU, Ready Up

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