Call of Duty Ghosts Awakening All Intel Locations Guide

The guide will help you find all Intel locations in Awakening third DLC of Extinction.

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Episode 3 Awakening Intel Locations need to be located in the mode as they are important to advancing through the story. As you unlock them you will be able to move through the game and collect the necessary intels. Once you unlock all the intels in the game you will complete the Spelunker for 20 gamer points. Follow the complete guide to get all the tips and tricks to collecting all the intel locations and we will provide you with tricks and best strategies to gathering them and completing the entire episode 3 Awakening.

 TOC: Awakening Walkthrough | Awakening Intel Locations | Pharaoh How to unlock God Mode | Pharaoh How to Unlock Secret Treasure Room | Egg Hunt Awakening Locations

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