Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare could be the next Call of Duty game title

Earlier today when the CoD reveal begain, there was a single image on the official Call of Duty Google Plus page that was named “COD_AW_Google_Header.jpg“. Its also well know that Activision has owned the rights to “Advanced Warfare” along with other similar names since March 11th, 2010. And seeing as how the next CoD seems based in the future or near future, this is the best lead we have at the moment. If you remember, Drif0r also described a futuristic gun that had blue text, symbol looked like an “A over a W” that was stamped on gun… We’ll know for sure Sunday. Stay tuned.

t was previously rumored that Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty would be another entry in the Modern Warfare series – another point in Drift0r’s video – but that it might not exactly bare the title of “Modern Warfare 4″. That aside, “AW” seemingly rules out another “MW” game entirely. But what about something a little more ‘advanced’?

As Winter points out, Call of Duty publisher Activision holds rights to the trademark “Advanced Warfare”, which they picked up in May of 2010.  What do you think the name would be?

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