Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 3D Printer Rifle Development

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 3D Printer Rifle Development

In the latest blog from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, team Sledgehammer talks about the development of the futuristic weapons in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. In this case they go into greater details about the 3D Printer Rifle that has unlimited bullets but you will have to manage it better in combat. Take a look below on what the Sledgehammer team has to say:

IMR print weapon

When we began designing the near-future world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we started by researching how new and emerging technologies today would influence the future of advanced weaponry. That lead us to discover current R&D focused on innovations in 3D printing that will influence the battlefield of tomorrow – granting soldiers the unique ability to print their own gear on the field. Based on this research, we developed the Integrated Munitions Rifle – also known as the IMR. The design of this particular rifle presented a unique challenge of showing the printing process to the player on the rifle model. “One of the opportunities to solve with this particular weapon was how to communicate to the player the bullet printing and feed system.” Said Joe Arcovich, Lead Weapon Artist at Sledgehammer Games. “It required lot of back and forth between animation, modeling and design to make sure that the timing of the reload was quick enough for gameplay, but would still show the cool effect of the bullets getting fed into the chamber from the printer.”

he success of this particular weapon depended not only on the action involved with animating the ammo printing process, but the overall aesthetic of the weapon itself. “It was extremely important to us that the instant the player picks up the IMR, they immediately become excited about the weapon.” Said Joseph Salud, Art Director at Sledgehammer Games.” It needed to clearly say ‘advanced weapon,’ and at the same time be grounded and credible. The IMR needed to feel like a serious piece of advanced hardware, and not a piece of science fiction.”

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