Bungie announced that permanently will ban players console who make frequent trap Destiny. This move comes after they received many complaints about the large number of people using unfair advantages in Trials of Osiris.

“There will be ban consoles for devices with ban history or restricted accounts. Cozmo23 care cheaters “Shannon, community manager of Bungie” Chris said. ”

Currently, Bungie has several solutions to this problem. One is the restriction of activities, which causes cheaters are temporarily unable to access activities such as Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner. Depending on the severity of their actions, players can lose access to equipment related to these activities.

Another common punishment is the restriction of the account, which prevents access cheaters Destiny for a while.After 1 or 2 weeks, players can return to play with his Guardian.

When a user receives several penalties of this type, Bungie user ban your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, with this new measure BAN Bungie consoles can be used by several accounts of cheaters and avoid future hassles.

In the license of Destiny, Bungie says that activities such as connect to servers with hardware or software modified is prohibited. The company also mentions that punish players who “modify or disrupt network traffic Destiny intended to affect the experience of other players or to gain an advantage.”

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