Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Vault Symbols Locations Guide

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Cult of the Vault Symbols Locations Guide

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Cult of the Vault Symbols Locations will guide you through the different spots in the game where you can find them as you go through the different missions in the game. The Vault symbols that are well hidden in the the game tell about pandora and finding all of them in a certain area will grant you extra Badass Points. Each of the Vault Symbols are hard to locate as they blend with the background and taking a look at the guide below will give you the different sections in the game.

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements | Trophies | Vault Symbols | Lost Echos | Loot System Weapons | Shift codes | XP Loot Farm | Unlock Skins and Heads

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Cult of the Vault Symbols Locations

Seretiny’s Waste

  1. Inside of Springs’ base. Go down to the lower floor and look behind a trash bin that’s under the stairs you will see the symbol to the right.
  2. On top of a crashed ship, head towards the cliffs where some of the Kraggons live. Search for the crashed ship and symbol is on top. 
  3. Symbol is on top of the building that’s northeast of Springs’ outpost.  You will  see on the side of a generator, up on the roof. Jump onto the cliff and boost jump from there onto the roof.

Regolith Range:

  1. The first one is in Regolith Range is on the Southern side of the map, near a major scav base. Go along the cliff edge and is high above the cliff.
  2. The next symbol is in the northeast, up high on a roof. Jump onto a large grey machine, then boost jump from there up to a small recess on the main building. You will see the sign on the side of the structure.
  3. The Symbol is on the North West side from the first location and look on a grey metal wall there. A small symbol can be seen in between metal columns.


  1. The first one is on top of Springs’ shop. It’s on a walkway on the roof, and you will find symbold on the ground.
  2. The second symbol in Concordia is higher above than the first. Get onto the highest rooftops and look for the roof, the symbol is drawn on the groundthere.  
  3. Third is above one of the buildings that features turrets you will destroy. It’s across the city from TheMeriff’s office, in the upper section.

Triton Flats

  1. First location is in Lunar Junction, on the northwestern side of the map. Go to the northern side of the facility. Look on the far side of the building.  
  2. Second is on the southern side of the map. It will be in the southern section of the wall where you see a building near the cliff.
  3. On east of Shimmer Island, on the northern side of the map. Look for a building on the eastern side of the compound and look on its western wall to find the symbol.


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