Borderlands 3 in plans says Gearbox

This afternoon, during a talk at PAX East, CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, offered some clues about the next Borderlands game.

Pitchford said “obviously thre will be another Borderlands” but the study still does not know if the game will be called Borderlands 3. For now, that title is provisional.

It was also confirmed that Scott Kester, artistic director of Battleborn , will have the same position in Borderlands 3 ;while Mikey Neumann, who wrote the main plot of Brothers in Arms and the voice of Claptrap- does also write Borderlands 3.

What will treat the story? ” We all die horribly , ” Neumann said jokingly. Seriously, the developer mentioned that the son of Scooter (Tales from the Borderlands) could appear in Borderlands 3 , but this is not certain.

Finally, Pitchford revealed that the next DLC Battleborn include references to Borderlands 3 and suggested that players “look carefully” the details of this content.

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